BSHS conference in Belfast

The largest event in the BSHS calendar, the annual summer meeting welcomes to Belfast attendees from all areas of the profession


Conference Information

The British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference is the largest event in the BSHS calender. We are happy to announce that this year’s conference will again take place in person from Wednesday, 20 July to Saturday, 23 July 2022, at Queen’s University Belfast.

Our Host

Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast was established by royal charter in 1845, as one of the constituent colleges of the Queen’s University in Ireland. Its historians of science include Peter Bowler, David Livingstone, Diarmid Finnegan, and Hiroki Shin.

The 2022 BSHS conference will take place on the main campus of Queen’s University Belfast. The QUB campus is on the southern edge of Belfast city centre, adjacent to the Botanic Gardens. It is within walking distance of City Hall, just over a kilometre away, and is also connected to the city centre by bus. Botanic, a five minute walk, is the nearest train station. Belfast is well connected by ferry to Scotland and England, and by bus and rail to Dublin, which also has ferry connections to Wales.

Belfast has a rich scientific and industrial heritage. It is the birthplace of distinguished scientists such as Lord Kelvin, John Stewart Bell and Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the site of John Tyndall’s infamous presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1874, and the home of inventions as diverse as milk of magnesia, artificial fertiliser, the pneumatic tyre, the portable defibrillator and the ejector seat.


The British Society for the History of Science

Founded in 1947, the BSHS is Britain’s largest learned society devoted to the history of science, technology and medicine. Current members include lecturers, writers, students, teachers, museum curators and private individuals. We aim to bring together people with interests in all aspects of the field, and to publicise relevant ideas within the wider research and teaching communities and in the media.

The BSHS welcomes members from all backgrounds, in the UK and internationally. Current members include academics, writers, students, museums professionals, schoolteachers and anyone with an interest in some aspect of the history of science, technology and medicine.